BVAC is the top supplier of quality Remanufactured Ammunition
in the nation.

We take great pride in the quality of our remanufactured products to provide great value products at a great price. All of our once fired brass is run through our special refurbishment process and hand inspected at the component level to ensure the best products make it back to the load line. After the components check out we take care to hand inspect each and every loaded round at three different points in the load process to make sure only the best ammunition makes it to the customer.

Our meticulous process has been proven time and again with many of the top firearm manufacturers. We believe in the quality of our product so much we have backed it with one of the industry's best warranties.

Should you have any questions regarding our remanufactured line of products, please feel free to contact us.

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For more information contact:

3616 Eastside Highway
Stevensville, MT. 59870
Phone: 406-777-5670
Fax: 406-777-2372 or 406-777-5025

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